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Thu, 10/16/2008 - 15:24 — Compost Stu

On a windy day at Barkers Vale, where I live, the bamboo whispers and the she-oaks whistle as the toilet whirly spins at amazing speed, sucking massive volumes of air over and through the pile of humanure in the chamber below. I like to think that some of the "essence of compost" is being spread all over my orchard nearby. The last time I cleaned out the whirly, there was some dried toilet paper stuck up in it. Pretty amazing when you consider that the flue is at least 4m high. I've heard of problems occurring with toilets that have a mesh or gauze wire across the flue. The mesh blocks up and prevents the effective aeration of the chamber. I think people put the mesh there to prevent flies getting down there, or perhaps other insects. In actual fact flies will not go into a dark hole very far. They rely on their eyesight too much and won't risk the unknown. If the flu is high enough, it is simply enough to provide a barrier to prevent rain falling into the heap. This is usually a T at the top, or a whirly like mine.

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