Short story for the wee little ones

Mon, 12/01/2008 - 17:16 — Compost Stu

Once upon a toilet there lived a very, very small spider called Jake. He was so tiny that no-one knew he was there, hiding under the lid, where people would come and sit and make his house nice and warm. He loved people, especially the ones with big bottoms that warmed up his house the most. Early one morning, the big lady came and sat down. It was a cold morning so Jake was especially happy to see her. She warmed up his house beautifully. After she finished on the toilet, she lifted the seat and began cleaning. Poor Jake had never had this happen before. He got quite a shock when his tiny web was swept away by the little broom. Then, alas, Jake himself was swept away and fell before he had had time to spin a web and hang on. But very luckily, he fell not into the water, but onto a soft bed of leaves and sawdust. He had fallen into a composting toilet!!

Jake the Spider

He could not believe his luck. Although it was dark, he could see a small square of light coming from a door in the distance. As he made his way towards the door, his eight eyes adjusted to the low light and he began to notice his surroundings. It was quite warm, moist, but not wet and had the smell of the forest floor. There were tiny insects scurrying about, busily collecting things for their houses or eating away at even smaller things he could not see. Jake was feeling very lucky. He had so much food and it was warm and dry.

What more could a spider want? He jumped and caught a beetle between his front legs. With a small pinch from his fangs, he paralysed it and began to wrap it up for lunch. Just then he had his second shock of the day. The door at the bottom of the toilet opened up and there was that big lady again, peering inside with a shovel by her side. She stooped down and picked up a hand full of compost from the floor. She smelled it and looked it over as if she were going to eat it!! But she did not do that. She began shovelling the compost into her wheelbarrow. Jake was in the road, (again!!) and was collected along with a spadeful of compost. Into the wheelbarrow he went, tumbled and jumbled and by now quite confused.

Jake crawled through the humus in the direction he thought was up. He was quite giddy from being tossed about. Not long after, the wheelbarrow began to move. Jake was still. By this time he had begun to think that that woman was really out to get him. As soon as the wheelbarrow stopped, Jake made a run for it. He fought his way to the surface and ran out over the edge of the wheelbarrow, and jumped for his very life. He landed under a grapefruit tree with plenty of mulch to hide in. He ducked for cover, and no sooner had he crawled under a leaf, the women emptied the compost straight out under the tree. By this time, poor Jake was getting tired and hungry. He slowly crawled out of his hiding place and into the compost that had been spread under the tree. To his utter amazement, Jake nearly fell over a familiar looking parcel all wrapped in cobwebs. It was his lunch! He unwrapped a bit and had a nice feed, then went off to explore his new home.

It was dry under the tree, the leaves stopped most of the rain, and the compost had made the soil beautifully spongy and full of life. Worms wriggled, beetles scampered and dragon flies hovered. There were ripening grapefruit on the tree, and these had attracted a number of small fruit flies. Jake liked nothing better than fresh fruit flies, so he began building a web between the leaves to catch some dinner. From that day on, Jake looked up at the toilet nearby, hoping that the lady would come and bring another load of beautiful compost to his new tree home. Eventually, of course, she did, but it was Jake's many children that got to eat all the goodies running about in it.

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