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Pooh Solutions offers a range of composting toilet solutions designed to suit every user and their particular installation requirements. We build to order so are well equipped to cater for your specific needs. We use a flexible concrete casting system that allows us to change designs according to how many people will use the system, the underfloor height limitations, the placing and type of pedestal, the placement and type of liquid drain, the type of finish and also the main design principles which can be either batch or continuous type designs.
We consult with our clients to achieve the best outcomes with as little maintenance as practical.
Our prices range from $2500 for a basic one bedroom system to $5000 for a large vestibule toilet capable of catering for up to 10 people.
It is important to remember that our toilets are structural, that is, they can be used as a footing in a new house, so planning for a composting toilet should happen at the beginning of your design stage. This also means that they can be built as a stand alone building such as an outhouse or recreation space amenity.

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