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Thu, 10/16/2008 - 15:04 — Compost Stu

"I have a simple theory when it comes to human by-products: If you don’t eat, you don’t shit and if you don’t shit you die. So compost your shit and grow your food to eat. Every person on the earth was given just enough brains to tan their own hide with and just enough shit and piss to grow their own food with."

Of all the non-renewable resources we have wasted away, perhaps Phosphorus (P) is the least discussed. Yet we rely heavily on P based fertilizers to grow most of the worlds food. Once our reserves of P come to an end (in about forty years) we will no longer take this resource for granted. With bio-fuels added to the list of crops that need to be grown with current P supplies, it may run out quicker than we think. Unlike oil, which can be replaced by alternative forms of energy, P has a vital role in plant production that cannot be replaced. It is vital that we all become familiar with our own crap, and deal with our own shit. There is more to this metaphor than meets the eye. When you “deal with your own shit” you meet your responsibilities to yourself. When you actually deal with your own excrement, you place yourself in a position of humility (note the association with the word humus). Both are expressions of a willingness to discover a spiritual path that can lead to enlightenment, both of the mind and the bowel. I have never met anyone that owns a composting toilet that suffers from constipation!!

You will probably have noticed that I don’t often use the word “waste” in all my diatribe. I can’t see the point of describing such a valuable resource as waste. In fact there are very few things I consider to be waste. One man's trash is another man's treasure, so the saying goes. I have spent countless hours restoring “another man's trash” and now am happy to say I am living amongst it quite happily. Some say I am involved in the “waste recovery” business. I call it by another name, the human by-product business.

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