Stu's View from the Loo

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 13:10 — Compost Stu

The sound of rushing water cascading down through bluestone boulders fills my ears. Frogs have become raucous, roistering in their efforts to out croak each other and romp riotously through the night. It’s an orgy out there, water brings life, and life starts with sex. I’ve created numerous little shallow frog ponds on my place, in order to surround myself with sex and life. From little frogs big things grow. They are the engine room of my re-generating ecology. Since I have no cows and long over grown pasture, the toads (that can’t jump high) have not really established themselves here. Natives rule OK! I’ve always had a great love for wetlands. They provide all the ingredients for maximizing the potential for life and biodiversity. They are the great livers of nature, cleansing run-off and producing abundance from the by-products of land based processes. That is why I’ve placed so much stead in wetland treatment systems for our own byproducts. Reed beds emulate natural systems to de-nitrify polluted water, discharging much less nitrogen into the receiving environment than most other types of treatment system. Of course it begs the question, why add all that nitrogen to our waste water stream in the first place? Most of the nitrogen finds its way into the system via the flush loo, as we pee our resources down the drain.
Urine contains the combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in quantities to be considered an ideal fertilizer, and its completely sterile. Urine separating technology is readily available that will source separate urine and faeces, storing urine in a diluted form until it is required for use in the garden, or in the future, collection en masse for conversion into crystalline fertilizer. For those that own a composting toilet that is used for urinating in, this technology can totally eliminate the potential for ammonia odours. We can supply a specially designed insert that will fit your existing pedestal that is relatively cheap and will continue to provide you with a valuable garden resource for many years. My own system doses directly into my irrigation system, so there is no need to ever empty it manually and my garden loves it. I’d encourage anyone who’s a keen gardener to give it a go and watch the results of your own by products as they work for you.

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