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The pre dawn gloaming recedes to reveal a pink and grey sky, chilled with the expectancy of another rainy day. Birdsong emerges with the cacophonic cackling of the kookaburras, the roosters defiant vocal battle. The maestro composers, the butcher birds, prove yet again that they can warble with the best of them. A myriad of smaller birds, energetically squeeze out their high pitched chirps and squawks. The melancholy of the low throated rainforest doves provides a base note to one of nature’s finest symphonies.
This morning I’m listening anew. Whats it all about I ask myself. Sex of course. Morning is the time for it…..The family of Kookas are probably saying “If you can hear this then you are too close to our girls!” The butcher birds might say “C’mon love how bout it, I’m just over here” . The roosters are showing off to their females by saying “I’m the greatest lovemaker…right over here miss Henny” Birds are just out there having fun and chasing birds.
Birds and in fact most animals are polygamous or at least serially monogamous, looking for and finding new genes to combine with as many times as they can over a lifespan. They commit to each other for the purpose of breeding and rearing young (and maybe a nurturing, healing relationship too) without attaching themselves emotionally so they can better ensure the survival of their species.
Humanity is more complex. Our fragility has ensured that we use collaboration as our main survival technique for the bulk of our evolutionary timeline. We paired off, often for life, as a means of building a team geared to survive. Most organised religions realised this long ago and wrote it into their dogmas to promote the marriage ideal. These days however, survival is a lot easier and we can choose freely between a monogamous or polygamous lifestyle. Our base animal instincts tend to lead us towards polygamy, old conditioning and ideals developed as social constructs by religions pull us the other direction by making polygamy sinful. As organised religion becomes weaker in our society, we are less likely to feel intimidated about choosing for ourselves which lifestyle we lead. Ironically, this new found freedom has the power to bring us even closer to god…..
“Any attempt to restrict the natural expression of love is a denial of the experience of freedom – and thus a denial of the soul itself. For the soul is freedom personified. God is freedom, by definition – for God is limitless and without restriction of any kind. The soul is God, miniaturized. Therefore, the soul rebels at any imposition of limitation, and dies a new death each time it accepts boundaries from without”
N.D. Walsch (1998) Conversations with God - An Uncommon Dialogue.

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