Tue, 11/12/2013 - 12:39 — Compost Stu

The twelve year old fingerlime which pokes through my toilet wall has finally got fruit on it. The thorny bush is littered with nests of firetails and I can watch them coming and going whilst sitting still on my throne. The fuss they create whilst building their nests is equal only to the contempt they show when they abandon them entirely. Their purposeful and committed behaviour gives way to detached complacency. Detachment is the art of letting go. Every time I visit my loo, I practice the art of detachment. I was committed to the food I ate, which my body duly processed, created a by- product, and now I can let it go. It feels great to have this process take place and one definitely leaves feeling lighter (enlightened!!) and freer.
Since the election, I have had to practice the art of detachment in a completely different way. Coalition policies have me riled and raging on many fronts, not the least of which is the “open for business” mentality and transfer of environmental planning powers from the federal to corrupt state jurisdictions. The secrecy surrounding the stop the boats policy is also hugely concerning. This sort of governance reeks of Nazi Germany and their lies to the world about the Jewish ghettos and death camps in Poland. We have camps full of refugees where even the Commissioner for the Rights of Children has been disallowed. Rumours of unrest and riots go unreported and even the cabinet ministers are gagged from talking to the media without express permission from the “Abbott” . My first reaction to all this was to bury my head, and carry on as an “inactivist”. My optimism came to the rescue and I realised that the only way I can cope with the situation is to become committed, but not attached to social change. Then I heard a radio show about Iranian activists that have been trying for years to reform Iranian society, without much luck. The activist was asked how it felt to be on the back foot in the face of such overwhelming odds. He said that they realise that their freedom is the path towards the goal, not the goal itself. Their freedom is an internal experience, something that is driven by their ability to live true to their ideals.
Many activists become burnt out or disenfranchised by the apparent lack of progress towards a fairer more transparent society. Many more people don’t even get active because they cannot see an outcome that looks like success. If we are to really put up a good fight against this type of governance we need to enlist all those people who don’t think they can make a difference, but are similarly outraged by bullshit policies. The realisation that while winning or losing is not important, it is the soul’s freedom in expressing our love for the planet or brothers and sisters that will keep us going and ultimately win the war.

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