2013 12 01 15.14.58Pooh Solutions manufactures a range of composting toilet systems to cater for various needs. All our systems are built to order so can be tailored around site specific requirements or the level of nutrient re-use required i.e. Urine recovery and re-use.

Our popular Thunderloo range is most commonly installed for permanent dwellings of 2 bedrooms and over. Built from re-inforced pre-cast concrete panels, they are designed to last. In fact they are so strong they can be used as a footing for your house if required. Their thermal mass means that no electric exhaust fan is required. They work on the principle that gravity will eventually move the composting mass down an internal sloping floor towards the removal hatch. Even the smallest Thunderloo will take up to 2 years before an initial batch of composted end product can be removed. Maintenance is simply a matter of removing a wheelbarrow load of composted manure every six months or so after that. 

The Thunderloo comes in various sizes according to underfloor and loading requirements. The minimum ground clearance required is1300m and all units have a 1200mm x 2400mm footprint.