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Welcome to Pooh Solutions! Check out our great range of composting toilet and eco-sanitation products below. We are proudly a local north coast NSW  small business and emphasize excellence in communication and quality in our products and services.

We are proud sellers of Clivus Multrum products, a brand name that has become synonymous with quality, odour free compost toilets. Clivus (latin for “slope”) concept loos started in the 1930’s in Sweden and have been in constant use ever since.

There are two broad types of Clivus Multrum product available:-

  1. continuous, and
  2. batch systems.

Continuous systems typically handle larger loads than batch systems and involve less maintenance to operate. They work on the principle of gravity moving composted end products down slope to a chamber from which they can be periodically removed.

Batch systems work on the principle that once a batch of humanure has been produced, it is removed in its chamber and another empty chamber replaces it. The full chamber then composts in the sun and can be emptied in time to replace the working chamber. These systems are higher maintenance but are more economical in both size and cost.


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